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Shortly you will be receiving an email with the Zoom link and password.

You only need to register once.  From now on, you will receive an email on Tuesday/Wednesday with that week’s Instructor and Topic.

If you have not had the opportunity to see the past events, you are welcome to watch them at:

We would appreciate it if you do not share that link.  If you wish to share these events with friends and associates, please send them to the page so that they too can receive the benefits of being part of this global network.  Thank YOU!

Every week the event is held on Fridays at 5 pm California

8 am Saturday Malaysia –– 10 am AEST (Australia)

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All of the Excellerated programs (off and online) are opportunities for all the participants to network with each other, to offer their products and services, and to get support when needed.

Be ready to get to know as many of the other participants as possible.

Once you come into the Zoom room, be ready with your contact information.

There will be a Chat box where you can copy and paste your email, phone number, Calendly link, or your Website link(s) so that those attending who want to follow up with you, can easily do that.

We allow for private Chat communications amongst the participants so you can easily connect directly with others.

We also encourage all the participants to write in the Chat box: notes, thoughts, and what they are learning from the teachings being shared.  This supports others who may have missed something important – or English is not their first language.  Remember, we have a very global audience!

Thank YOU for your contribution to support others to learn and get the most out of our programs…

Lastly, as a thank you for your participation, you now have automatically become a member of our Global Excellerated Entrepreneurs’ Club. A hub for insights, inspiration, new opportunities, to unlock possibilities, to connect to your purpose, to create wealth, and ultimately be a Social Entrepreneur that will create a tremendously positive impact in the world…

We look forward to having you with us and being part of our Global Network!

Aloha Nui Loa,

Dame Doria (DC) Cordova
CEO / Owner, Excellerated Business Schools® / Money & You