At this event on Fridays With Doria & Friends, Dr. Serge Gravelle shared the key differences and similarities between profit and non-profit business structures. Serge  identified the advantages and disadvantages of each and tackled the ultimate and unfortunately often missed question, “Why not do both?”

Many see Dr. Gravelle as a multi-facet entrepreneur, a problem solver, and a down-to-earth human being. Others see him as a Nexialist: “One skilled in the science of joining together in an orderly fashion the knowledge of one field of learning with that of other fields.” It is true that Dr. Gravelle has the ability to join things together in ways that generate outstanding solutions. Coming up with non-traditional answers to problems that involve dragging in pieces of the solution from a lot of different, sometimes unrelated sources is actually what he does best.

Dr. Gravelle is an entrepreneur, teacher, family man, and generous human being. In his semi-retirement, the core business and services offered by Dr. Gravelle’s businesses consist of consulting with new and existing entities, as well as with individuals, to educate and help them get to that next level they aspire to, professionally, financially, and even personally in many cases. His latest platform: Global Sparks – a platform with millions of visitors monthly…

Serge COVERED the following topics (and more)

Key differences and similarities of non-profit and for-profit entities
What if you could get advice from someone who has spent his career creating successful business entities and helping others do the same? Serge helped you know the ins and outs of entity creation so that you could see both non-profit and for-profit organizations as an expert would.

Does it make sense to create a non-profit entity?
Do you want to know why so many hyper-successful entrepreneurs are creating non-profit entities? Serge revealed the rationale and reasons for how you  could create an advantage for yourself and your business.

Advantages and disadvantages of each structure
Knowing the advantages and disadvantages of each structure allowed you to optimize your business. Serge filled in the knowledge gaps that most entrepreneurs have in regards to both structures.

The Hybrid option: why not do both?
Like most things, mastery is in the details. Dr. Gravelle uses his vast experience to guide in the exploration of one of business strategy’s most neglected questions: “Why not have both non-profit and for-profit entities work for you at the same time?”

Real-life examples of global charities
Dr. Serge Gravelle brought the concepts that he presented to life through real-life examples of global charities in action.


Entrepreneur, teacher, family man, and generous human-being

A dedicated husband and proud father, Dr. Gravelle is very active in compassionate work with people with special needs and, from a more personal point of view, in the equestrian world (at all levels of the organization).

While a strong supporter of local and state associations, he was selected for key positions at the 2010, 2014 & 2018 World Equestrian Games and other international events.

While his favorite work remains his role as an instructor at one of the top international business schools, the Business School for Entrepreneurs, his heart remains with organizations supporting true compassionate work, locally as well as globally. He also loves working with emerging athletes, helping them get to that next level they aspire to, financially & mentally.

In the early 1980s, after retiring as a young Captain with the Canadian Armed Forces and a successful endeavor in Import/Export, Dr. Gravelle helped create OMZIG Corporation which developed telecommunication hardware and software for the then yet to be established desktop computer market. Today, some of those developments are part of well-known applications such as email, file transfer, efax, and other communication elements seen in modern computers.

In 1996, Dr. Gravelle created MyMall Network, the very first worldwide network of electronic shopping malls, counting 24 malls and over 2,000 stores in its first year. The network quickly grew to millions of visitors, helping many entities thrive. 

In1997, he helped develop a system allowing the bridging of TV advertising to the Internet. Over the years that system has marketed Tae-Bo, Bow Flex, Video Professor, John Denver, Elvis Presley, Frank Sinatra, etc. along with TimeLife, Heartland Music, and K-Tel products to name only a few of the many products & entities Dr. Gravelle has helped become financially successful.

Through working relationships with the major television networks in America (ABC, NBC, CBS, MSNBC, FOX, etc.), Dr. Gravelle has worked with leading television advertising agencies, award-winning production companies, and a multitude of television Direct Response-related entities, helping to bring over a thousand different products to television, with an extremely high ratio of success. Through his network, he had access to over $1 billion/year in television air time and contributed to the feat of hundreds of the most successful “As seen on TV” products. 

In 1999-2000, he engineered the next generation web platform for the financial industry called Funding Hub, a project funding and investor search platform that facilitated the process of matching the right projects to the right investors, effectively and confidentially. It was later sold to a private investment firm.

Between 2001 and 2006 Dr. Gravelle worked on the development of new infrastructures for the Direct Response Industry in Asia. He has taught employees of numerous companies such as Microsoft, IBM, GTE, AT&T, and Bank of America, to name a few, and to a countless number of entities and individuals, worldwide.

In 2002 he undertook the creation & development of Equidigm Financial Solutions (Equidigm) across America and in Asia. Equidigm is the result of Dr. Gravelle’s long time passion to bring wealth to the masses. Equidigm is a financial education company dedicated to creating a wealthier society, one home and one business at a time, using a variety of proven financial, insurance & real estate products, hand-picked business ventures, alternative energy, and global opportunities.

In 2007 he supported the creation of the Money Technology ApproachTM (MTA) which works with money at the “wholesale” level to generate cash flow and build wealth for businesses and individuals.

After founding Equestrian Spirit in 2004 as a way to support young riders, it became the Foundation for Equestrian Athletes (myFEA.org) in 2016, expanding support to a wide range of individuals, from people with disabilities such as autism, amputees, etc, all the way to international athletes and professionals. FEA is now a unique international not-for-profit public charity distributing 100% of donations received to true, deserving programs through several world-renowned online platforms it created over time: Renor.org, EquineTherapyDirectory.org, Crypto2Charities.org, HorseRescueRegistry.org, and others.

Dr. Gravelle’s most recent achievement is the creation of the Internet’s largest listing of online education and training content GlobalSparks.org including over 15,000 free courses and access to over 200,000 low-cost courses from key content providers such as Alison/Linkedin, Coursera, edX, Skillshare, Udemy, plus Colleges, Universities, and MOOCS from around the world with millions of visitors monthly.

Dr. Serge Gravelle’s Motto: 

“Live life to its fullest and help others do the same!”


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