Getting great new leads is the #1 problem for most professionals. Tom Gay has helped thousands of coaches, consultants, and others easily get more clients with a very economical and proven referral marketing system.

During this event, Tom Gay shared how to build trust and personal relationships back into your business and life. Tom told you what you need to know about making collaborative, conscious, and reliable connections by building your tribes so that your network could become your net worth!

He is the creator of has built half a dozen very successful referral platforms using technology – with heart.

In Tom’s Words:

“Bringing sales skills, info-tech, and problem-solving skills together to meet the needs of a market has been the hallmark of my entrepreneurial experience. The focus is on helping professionals build a systematic and repeatable process to gain new clients, increase sales, and build sustainable businesses.

Achieving this requires a deep understanding of building trust and trusted relationships and then executing a daily focused set of steps that when followed will generate amazing results. My background as an innovator, successful team builder, and teacher of relationship selling processes has enabled me to help individuals and organizations worldwide to scale their growth and success.”

At the last event Tom COVERED the following topics (and more)

Everyone is shouting, and no one is listening any longer!

What if you could get advice from someone who has specialized in breaking through the digital noise that inundates us? Tom taught you how to build communities of trusted referral partners and active referring relationships.

Social media has become noisy and unsocial!

Did you want to know how to use social media that results in getting responses and an ROI? Tom revealed how social media has become a hostile place for people because “sales predators” keep pushing their agendas, forcing our audiences into a protective castle. Tom showed you a better way!!

Isn’t it time you brought trust and personal relationships back into your business and your life?

Building a systematic and repeatable process to gain new clients, increase sales, and build sustainable businesses requires a deep understanding of building trust and trusted relationships. Tom shared what you needed to know about building trusted relationships.

You learned to build collaborative, conscious, and responsible connections by building your tribes…

Did you want to overcome the significant marketplace and social media noise to truly impact the world through your work? Tom empowered you to create a network of contacts who agree to work together to build a thriving growth ecosystem for all members of your tribe.

Building your tribes turned your network into your net worth!

Participants learned that tribing-up creates more than just another “connection” or “social media friend…” Tom spotlighted how it yields real partnerships and personal collaboration for the success of all and the tribe through a culture that leads to success!

And more…


Successful serial entrepreneur, CEO, Relationship Marketing Expert

Tom Gay is a founder of and a life-long serial entrepreneur focused on bringing IT solutions to complex business and marketing problems. Tom’s career includes having started seven companies, taking one public, and he’s the recipient of numerous awards for innovation and leadership.

Tom’s most recent success, an exciting technology firm called focused on bringing relationships and collaboration back into business connections, to help professionals break through the digital noise that inundates us and creates collaborative, conscious, and reliable connections and growth.  With the growth of social media and marketing noise, people have erected barriers to protect themselves, and creates an innovative and effective way to bring together people who want to work together and achieve mutually beneficial results.

In his career, 5 of Tom’s firms have focused on teaching marketers and sales professionals how to build communities of trusted referral partners and active referring relationships. During this worldwide journey, he has trained thousands of professionals across many industries, and delivered coaching, online courses, and been an author, keynote speaker, and trainer for numerous trade and industry organizations.

In 2001, Tom and his wife, Patti, moved to South Africa and started a non-profit ministry organization, Monte Christo Ministries (MCM), focused on helping people in institutional poverty. The goals at the start of MCM were to use his relationship training background to create a self-sustaining organization led by people from the local community who would be instrumental in changing their futures. Today, MCM has achieved sustainability, celebrates its 20th anniversary, and feeds thousands of children daily, bringing together organizations, churches, and universities worldwide, to help relieve the burdens of poverty, family breakdown, and HIV/AIDS in the Cape Town area.

Tom has served on numerous corporate and community boards and is a frequently sought speaker on referral and relationship marketing success, leadership development, and building socially responsible businesses.


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