During this event, Burke Franklin showed you how to create a successful business plan.

Burke is known as the man who helped “launch a million businesses” since he invented business planning software in 1988 with the introduction of his best-selling BizPlanBuilder® software system and templates.

His software was rated “Best Buy” by PC World and winner of Success Magazine’s “Editor’s Choice Gold Medal Award,” BizPlanBuilder® has been one of the most popular business planning software tools in the world. More than 2,000,000 copies have been sold worldwide and an estimated several BILLION dollars in capital raised through angel investors, venture capitalists, the SBA, and bank financing.

Burke believes entrepreneurs have ideas to elevate humanity and solve our problems. He’s convinced that you can be financially successful with your ideas. So, Burke was determined to help you turn your crazy/good idea into a successful company.

You have a powerful concept…and you’re starting or building a business. You’ve got a lot to do… what if you could go from being swamped to getting the important things done like a pro?
Success is your only option! Burke showed you how…

In this session, he gave away his best secrets for creating a plan for success in your business. Burke is another and Money & You graduate and Global Excellerated Business School for Entrepreneurs Instructor.

In this event, Burke COVERED the following topics (and more):

Highlights of 30 Years of Business Development Tips

What if you could get advice from someone who has devoted over 30 years to helping businesses succeed? Burke has dedicated his life to assisting entrepreneurs in avoiding the most common issues that he has seen appear repeatedly. He told you what you need to know about business development so you could avoid the pitfalls that most entrepreneurs face.

Planning & Strategy

Do you want to know how to create leverage to get the important things done to organize, systematize and streamline your growth?

Burke revealed how to create the planning and strategy necessary to build a business that could weather any storm that comes up in the real-life trenches of entrepreneurship.

Critical Issues With Investors

Burke knew that once you had the plan and strategy in place, you would likely need support with raising the necessary capital to grow your business. Burke shone a light on the critical issues that often come up with investors so you could effectively secure the money you need to create an empire that changes the world.

Conscious Business Practices

Do you want to uplift humanity through your work? Burke empowered you by sharing the conscious business practices that would create the unity needed between your work and improving the lives of the people you work with to uplift humanity through your vision.

What It’s Going to Take

Burke has seen many businesses succeed and understands what other businesses were lacking, which led to them not making it. He shared what it would take to create a company that would survive no matter what life throws at you!

Tools To Ensure Your Innovations Succeed

Do you want tools that save time and energy to maximize efficiency and profitability so you can create a fine-tuned business “machine”?

Burke shared proven software and templates that add intelligent infrastructure to organize, fund, and scale profitable, socially conscious, and sustainable companies.

And more…


Creator, Innovator, Business Leader

Burke Franklin is an entrepreneur with Marketing and Management experience of more than 40 years.

His idea of changing the world is providing the business tools you need to help you change the world.

He graduated from UC Santa Barbara with, BA in Business Economics (with a minor in Electrical Engineering) in 1979.

Burke shares his incredible story…

“Out of college, I was hired as a “Field Sales Engineer” for Texas Instruments in Orange County, CA. I became the electronics buyer and then a copywriter for the Sharper Image catalog to try the purchasing side. To make more money, I sold word-processors in Silicon Valley in the mid-80s. After Macs and PCs ended that, I was creating sales literature for tech companies.

A friend had a deal going to sell his engineering software to Apple. They wanted to see his business plan to ensure his company would stay in business to upgrade and support the system.

At the time, I viewed a business plan as a detailed brochure that would sell his concept to people at all levels and responsibilities with various perceptions, biases, and interests. (I learned that from selling word-processors.)

We got the deal.

Over the next year, people came to me with some brilliant ideas, but their plans weren’t getting funded. I helped them fill in the missing parts to succeed.

Along the way, I saw that business plans have a fundamentally universal structure. I took all the content I’d developed, redacted everything proprietary, but filled in the blanks with a variety of customizable multiple-choice options, and offered it as a software template that many people could use…

This software became BizPlanBuilder. And my company took off! We followed-up with MarketingBuilder, which picked-up where BizPlanBuilder left off, and then we went even further with PRBuilder, which also included 22 sample press release templates…

We later added EmployeeManualBuilder, SafetyPlanBuilder, full of actual policies and procedures.

Altogether, we had ten products in about 3,500 retail stores and built a $12 million company with 30 employees…

Today, all of our products have been integrated into a streamlined online dashboard. I’ve sold more than two million copies of my software worldwide. You can see the newest versions on my Business Power Tools website.

Along the way, I was elected to the White House Conference on Small Business and was nominated for Ernst & Young’s “Entrepreneur of the Year” award. My book, Business Black Belt, applies lessons from 40+ years of personal development workshops, martial arts, flying, and real-world business success to building companies.”

Burke Believes…

“It’s crucial that your innovations succeed in our world.

This means that your business must be profitable and sustainable without you losing control, your mind, or your shirt!”


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